Establishing contact

Do you have any questions pertaining to delivery and receipt of goods? Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Miriam Luckner on +49 (0)3741 / 22 11 78 for competent consultation on any issues. Our colleagues from the Customer Service department will also provide general information on delivery deadlines, agreement on deadlines or photo requests on +49 (0)3741/221005.

Alternatively, you can also send us photos by post or via email, so that we get a first impression of your objects and can give you a rough estimate about its value. However, since a specific assessment is possible only directly on the object, we would then like to agree upon a personal appointment with you for assessment.

Deliveries and estimates can be carried out regularly in each case in the first four weeks after the auction and after prior arrangement of the date.


The assessment of your objects is free of charge. If the corresponding expert is not available on site at the time of your delivery, you can leave behind your objects with us for assessment. If you only interested in a valuation, you can use our “assessment days” for it. You will get exact appointments from our employees or in our Calendar.


Please agree upon a date with us in the run-up to a delivery as only then can we ensure that our experts are on site and have sufficient time to conduct a competent inspection.

Deliveries are possible up to about eight weeks before the specified auction date. For objects that have been left behind, an estimated price as well as a minimum price (limit) will be agreed upon in each case. With the signing of the auction contract, you, as a vendor, accept the delivery conditions of Auktionshaus Mehlis GmbH and your delivery will be legally valid.

Auction catalogue / Presentation

Every delivered object receives an internal job number from us. During the course of the catalogue creation, the pieces will be photographed professionally, processed artistically and described as well as presented correspondingly in an elaborately designed print catalogue with specification of the catalogue number and limit. Additional costs, such as those for photography or catalogue presentation, will not be incurred. The selection of the images for the catalogue depends on the auctioneer. The catalogue will be delivered to our customers about three weeks before the date of the auction. The online catalogue will be released on and our website just one week before.

In addition to the catalogue description, every object will be exhibited for preliminary inspection before the auction so that potential buyers can see the state and condition of the object on site.

Start of the auction

On the date of the auction, the object will be called using its respective catalogue number. We would be happy to inform you about the timing of the auction or when your object will be called. You can also find out about the timing in our schedule. After the auction, you will receive a list of the auction result by post.

Post-auction sale

All the objects, which are not auctioned off at the auction, can be acquired in a post-auction sale for the limit until collection. If an underbid has been made on the object you have delivered, we will inform you about it. The object will be awarded below the agreed limit only in agreement with and after the consent of the vendor.


All the deliveries will be made on a commission-basis. The settlement amount is composed of the knockdown price minus the auction commission of 20% of the bid amount plus the value added tax on this very amount. The payment is made in cash or via transfer or after receipt of payment from the buyer. If individual objects remain unsold, no costs will be incurred. A re-delivery in one of the following auctions is possible if the original limit is reduced.

Collection / dispatch

If objects delivered by you are not suitable for the auction or are not auctioned off, we request you to collect them or commission our Dispatch department with the return. The transfer of the incurred dispatch costs is considered as the dispatch order. If you have furniture, bulky goods or consignment of valuables, we will be happy to help you to commission a suitable transportation company or an art transport service. All the costs for transport, insurance and exports, as well as the risk of loss and damage shall be borne by the vendor.

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