Before the auction

In the run-up to our auctions, you can find out about the current objects being auctioned from our high-end print catalogue as well as from Onlinecatalogue . Each of the offered pieces is accompanied by a description with brief information and limit information. You can directly order the print catalogue here. All the objects will be exhibited at our premises for a preliminary inspection, one week before the auction and can be inspected daily, also on Sundays and holidays from 10 to 18 hours. Our General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all the auctions. We look forward to your visit.

New customers

If you are bidding for the first time here, we need the following information: Name and complete residential address, telephone number, email address and also a copy of the identification card.

For checking your credit-worthiness, we require either the data of a valid credit card, a bank reference or your references at other auction houses .

We will be happy to answer any other questions about the required documents in a one-to-one conversation.

Making Bids

There are multiple options to bid. If you cannot participate in the art auctions personally, the following alternatives are available to you for bidding:

Live bidding via the Internet

Be present live on the Internet, follow the auction and bid directly. You can register online on so as to bid live on the Internet. Please keep your data safe and do not forward it to third parties for your own safety. If you wish to follow the art auction only via the Internet, without making a bid, this is possible without registering as well.

If you have any more question, our customer service will be glad to help you.

Written bidding (even before the auction)

In order to make a proxy bid, simply notify us the catalogue number, title, auction, contact details as well as your maximum bid in writing up to 24 hours before the start of the auction. For this, you can use our bidding order. You bid will be used only insofar as pre-bids are necessary. Please also adhere to the necessity that the form is signed properly.

You can make written bids:

  • directly in the house
  • via fax (03741 / 22 10 51)
  • via a post to Auktionhaus Mehlis GmbH, Hammerstraße 30, 08523 Plauen
  • via

Bidding over the telephone

If you do not have any option to bid live on the Internet, but still want to bid directly, you can participate in the auction over the telephone. For this, we request you to specify all the necessary details in writing via bidding order up to 24 hours before the start of the auction and additionally select the “Telephone bid” option. A participation over the telephone for bids from €200 onwards is possible and automatically indicates bidding of the respective limit. Even if the telephone connection cannot be established, the object can be awarded with respect to the limit. An employee will represent you directly in the hall during the auction. You will be connected over the telephone a few minutes before calling the respective object. You will also be called exemplarily about an hour before the auction for checking the telephone number and accessibility.

Start of the auction

We would be happy to inform you personally about the timing of the respective auction, or when your desired objects will be called. You can also find out about the specific sequence with the help of our scedule.

Post-auction sale

Objects that are not awarded during the course of the auction can be acquired in a post-auction sale within a week after the completion of the auction. Moreover, the processing of the existing underbids can take some time as the approval of the vendor is required in this case. If this appears to be in compliance with a bid below the limit, the corresponding object is awarded and the relevant invoice is sent.


The object is awarded if no higher bid is made after calling a bid thrice. If there are multiple bids of the same amount, a decision is taken by drawing lots. The sale contract is concluded by awarding an object on a bid in the auction. In exceptional cases, an object can be awarded with reservations if the specified limit is not reached; this however requires the consent of the vendor.


The invoice amount is composed of the knockdown price and surcharge amounting to 24% plus the value added tax on this very amount. The invoice is sent by post after the auction is over.


Payments can be made in cash, using an credit card payment link, as well as via transfer.


We request you to collect the objects bought at the auction within four weeks after the auction or commission our Dispatch department with the transportation processing. The transfer of the incurred dispatch costs is considered as the dispatch order. If you have purchased furniture at the auction, your purchased objects are bulky or even fragile or are necessary for supplementary insurance owing to the merchandise value, we will be happy to help you find a suitable transportation company and commission it. All the costs for transport, insurance and exports, as well as the risk of loss and damage shall be borne by the buyer.

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